HopeStreet is a mission organization, that with every creative way pushing against the current that drives the young generation into the dangers of virtual world.

As the hands in the harvest of Jesus we work in cooperation with a local Lutheran church in Senec.

About us 

As parents during the "covid" years we realized that the greatest and the most vulnerable victims of this difficult period were the children. GenZ and Gen Alpha - children born after 2000 and after 2010 have more problems with allergies, obesity and health and psychological problems associated with excessive use of technology that kids in any other generation. And we couldn't just stand still, we had to do something about it....

Our activites

Regular rehearsals of energetic and beautiful gospel songs for all age groups, all who like to sing are welcome:

Outdoor summer


We organize outdoor activities every day of the week throughout the summer and are gradually adding more sports activities.

During the school year, we organize music workshops for children and teenagers who are interested in learning the basics of the pop style of playing the guitar, drums or learning modern rhythms on a very popular musical instrument called the cajon.

We have already launched a new fishing season for kids and teenagers. Children from 9 years old can apply.

We change the computer console for a screwdriver, saw, chisel, tape measure, clamps, glue, sandpaper, stain, wax, brush ... and a bunch of other tools are available for boys who want to learn basic carpentry and technical skills. To read simple technical drawings, develop creativity and technical ingenuity, improve your accuracy, steady hand and...

At the end of February 2022, when families started fleeing from Ukraine because of the Russian bombarding, our local church congregation in Senec opened the premises of their apartment in the attic for the refugees and entrusted us with working with them. In cooperation with the Apostolic Church in Košice, which promptly coordinated the transfer of...

Study ZOOM is our space since April 2021 where we study books on an endless number of practical topics that draw us to God and His intentions for our lives. We are a community of women from all evangelical denominations who are encouraging each other to walk in the Holy Spirit in one direction - following Jesus. We share, we...

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