HopeStreet Fishermen


We have already launched a new fishing season for kids and teenagers. Children from 9 years old can apply. 

Every Monday and Friday from 17:00 - 19:00 at Sunny lakes south side (near the Lobster) children will be catching fish under the supervision of Miň Krajčovič. It is necessary to purchase a children's fishing license (click on the link of the fishing association) and a fishing rod (if you need a sponsor for a fishing rod, please let us know, we will help you).

You can register your child by phone: 0910201020, or by email: misaminokrajcovic@yahoo.com or by filling out the form. Also, contact us if you need help in arranging a ticket or in purchasing a suitable fishing rod.

The fishing club provides a healthy stay in nature and the development of important character traits such as patience, perseverance, consideration, and discipline. The reward then comes in the form of a catch, or a good feeling from constant improvement and acquired friendships.

In today's age of technology, which aggressively affects our children, because their brains are still developing, as a result, children can lose contact with the community, nature, lack basic practical skills, feel inadequate and incapable, cannot cope with pressure in school and other requirements. The cheerful fishing community offers support in these aspects.

The clubs are free to be accessible to all children. We finance our activities mainly through a voluntary contribution of 20 euros/month. Please click on

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