About us

We are Miňo and Miša Krajčovič from Senec Slovakia. Miňo a former community center coordinator at Salvation Army and Miša a former elementary school english teacher, both active in ministry since youth, both graduates of Ministry Training School in Marshfield Believers Church in 2004 and Gateway College bible school in Nitra Slovakia 2022. 

As parents during the "covid" years we realized that the greatest and most vulnerable victims of this difficult period were the children. GenZ and Gen Alpha - children born after 2000 and after 2010 have more problems with allergies, obesity, health and psychological problems associated with excessive use of technology that any other generation before. So in 2021 an idea was born - a safe "place" where kids could do something useful, something creative, learn skills, be a part of a team, of a community, place called HopeStreet. 

In February 2022 a war in Ukrajine broke out and with  participation of Tom and Cathie Shilts and their mission organization Compassion in action we were able to help the refugees with accomodation, food and all needs who were running away from war . Many moms and children stayed in our town, having no community and school to go to, because the they were overloaded. So we started to create school activities for them and also after school activities. We opened up for all the children around and started regular carpentry clubs, fishing clubs, fitness trainings, music clubs, gospel choir rehearsals and numbers of sport activities and youth group meeting, where all the children can hear the gospel and experience Jesus. We both left our jobs, so we can organize regular free time activities for children through the whole week and weekends. With a support of a group of friends we stepped out in faith, trusting God that He provides resources for us to do this work.

Every week we also organize online book studies for women through the whole Slovakia (even Europe) called "I'm a worshiper" and create podcast content with the same title and translate books that encourage to a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus and to find our calling. And with longing to see Christians be more passionate in the Word of God, we just started working on the very first Slovak paraphrase of the New Testament. (Please check "Our activities" and follow us on FB)

We still live on miracles, trusting the Lord each month to provide for our needs. It is not easy for any mission organization in Slovakia, so please if the same passion burns in your hearts, you can join us or support us, just click on: