We live on miracles

Nothing is free in today's world, but we still offer all our activities for free so they are available to everyone. There are many war refugees from Ukrajine in our town, moms with their children, who are also a big part of our clubs. So with God's help and with the support of a small group of friends, we were able to miraculously fund all the activities in 2022. 

Adopt a 20 box of HopeStreet

We fund our activites in a very simple way, anyone who sees value in what we are doing and would love to be a part of it, can make one time donation or  adopt a Box of hope worth 20 euros per month. We are so greatful for our friends, who still keep supporting us.  The number of children is growing and our activities are expanding therefore we are continually looking for the ways to fund them.  We still have several HopeStreet boxes open. Each of them has a value of about 20 euros and together they represent the total monthly amount needed to cover our monthly expenses.

Car challenge

Few months after we stepped out into this ministry in 2021, our van broke down and we must be borrowing vehicles ever since. We tried to write projects, ask for fonds, cause bigger car is just necessary for our ministry, but no response. 

However we still believe that God has a van for HopeStreet ministry somewhere out there,

                                THANK YOU                                                for your one time or monthly donation,         both makes a huge change in lives of children around us.      Together we can bring living Hope to the hopeless world around that is so rapidly expanding.

HopeStreet account number

SK16 0900 0000 0051 8944 1418

Name of the bank

Slovenská sporiteľňa

Please in the description write:


Paypal account:


Thank you immensely

At the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis in February 2022, God unexpectedly and miraculously provided funds through Tom and Cathie Shilts. With their mission organization Compassion in Action, they stepped into this urgent need. We are extremely grateful for that!!! For us it was a huge testimony of God's unlimited possibilities and we want to remind this to ourselves of every day, because God is great and God is faithful!!!.