Book study Zoom for women


Study ZOOM is our space since April 2021 where we study books on an endless number of practical topics that draw us to God and His intentions for our lives. We are a community of women from all evangelical denominations who are encouraging each other to walk in the Holy Spirit in one direction - following Jesus. We share, we pray for each other and no matter what we talk about - to worship Him in everything, that is always our creed.... that is what our zoom study I am a worshiper is about.

When and how it works

Every Tuesday at 18:00 we connect to the ZOOM link, either with the camera on or without (because of the children, we have complete freedom in this). We always study one chapter, that we read ahead of time. One of us prepares for the topic and then we all share our thoughts, processes and challenges, as well as our wins and testimonials. It is tremendously enriching to listen to what others experience in their walk with the Holy Spirit, how God's Word shapes us.

 From 6:00 p.m. to about 8:00 p.m. there is joint study, and then those who have space and time can stay for joint prayers that last until about 10:00 p.m. Again, each can disconnect or reconnect as needed. Prayers are a space where we can present our personal needs, pray for each other, perceive the action of the Holy Spirit and pray and prophesy His promptings. It is a very precious time because it is a unique opportunity to kindle and use the gifts of the Spirit that He has placed in us. It is unbelievable that it is possible even through zoom, but it really is. Join us and see.

Summer 2024 Zoom calendar

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