HopeStreet Ukrajinian school


Children cannot stay without school for a long time. 

The schools in Senec are over-dimensioned and do not want to accept more children. Therefore we have provided them a temporary school, because children from Ukraine have been at home without education for more than  half a year.

They had three basic lessons four days a week: Slovak language, Mathematics and English. Also handicrafts, creative activities and music lessons.

We did the best that our housing, personnel and material capacities allowed us. 7 children attended the school and we were very grateful for any support, work materials or school supplies.

By the beginning of the year 2023 by God's miracle, we managed to place many of our children to a local school. And we continue to help the children with Slovak language and adaptation to our school system. Many of Ukrajinian kids attend all of our clubs and we are thankful that we can build beautiful longterm relationships that we believe will lead to salvation. 

For more information, please contact us by phone: 0910201020 

by email: misaminokrajcovic@yahoo.com