Christian podcast: I am a worshiper


There are countless Christian podcasts in English language on topics that inspire women on how to live a truly fulfilled life with God, how to deepen the relationship with Him, how to be more anchored in God's Word, or how to find the calling and mission. So we are very excited in creating one in Slovak .

Something about how Jesus changes lives through podcasts, about five stages of love - and which stage is worship? Don't hesitate to join our FB group "I'm a worshiper" - a bombshell book zoom study for women's spiritual growth.

You will learn which is the most important thing of all things that we could do. Where are the exact coordinates of God's address. About who is the best Architect of life and what our desert is good for. 

What do you think about when you don't have to think about anything else? Do your screening. And then find out how to tame your mind and make it not the master, but the servant of the Holy Spirit. How long can something like that take? And what happens then? You will find out in this episode...

Why is our frustration with ourselves a great thing? The tension in us is strong and it should be. Why? The answer is in Isaiah's Godzilla. How not to be eaten by it? Women of God all over the world know the recipe....